Arbeite mit mir de

Willst du das WOW! Das JAAA! Das Strahlen im Schlafzimmer und darüber hinaus?

Du verdienst, das zu spüren, wonach du dich sehnst!
Genau dabei helfe ich dir!

Wenn du eine Frau bist, ein Mann oder ein Mensch mit nicht binärem Geschlecht. In einer Beziehung oder single – frisch getrennt oder seit vielen Jahren für dich und mit dir allein. 

Ganz einfach: Ich helfe dir dabei  

 und du dich einfach richtig fühlen willst, was deine sinnlichen Bedürfnisse angeht – so dass du die Freiheit spürst und das erfüllende Liebesleben hast mit dir selbst und mit deinem Partner/deiner Partnerin – bist du hier richtig. 

(How you might feel this deep longing? Well, if you are questioning yourself, if something might be wrong with you – too much, too little, not enough, on the edge of …

Katja haucht einem die Gefühle ein und macht das spürbar, wonach man sich so sehr sehnt. 

Kennst du irgendetwas hiervon?

A note before we dive into some of the possible life situations – you are not alone and you are enough, you are just right… simply wonderful.

Difficulties in sex lives do exist for up to almost fifty percent of the women and thirty percent of the men, (stats before Covid19) due to stress, disconnection from ourselves, trauma, shame or the inability to feel, talk and find fulfilling ways to live a balanced and satisfying sex life. Sexless marriages are more common than most people realize. A decent amount of divorces root in a rather non existing or difficult intimacy.

This is nothing to be ashamed of; this is the opportunity to shame off! So let’s go:

It has been a while …  a long time that you haven’t had sex with your partner and you have no idea how to get back into it. 

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There is simply no time or never the right time for 

You are frustrated of being rejected … over and over again

Rather you are asking yourself if your partner still has a libido or if you are questioning yourself, your relationship – rejection is always painful. 

So painful that we are avoiding it, the situation, the feeling, the confrontation, the conversation. 

We keep our mouths shut. And the situation gets worse … less and less intimacy, more and more selfdoubts, possibly a sexless relationship or marriage. 

This doesn’t have to be like that.  

Where has the passion gone?

Your have sex with your partner, but it feels like a physical interaction, maybe even like  than the magical ingredient for your relationship

Betrail … you are on the edge or it even happened … 

… the first or maybe next affaire is just a step away and you want to step out of this and bring back the attraction and juices to your relationship … because you love your partner and you really want to have the best love life with her, with him – because 

Ahm, argh … 

You have a sexual fantasy or desire you would love to live and experience with your partner but you have no idea how to find the right words for it. 

You wish he or she could read your mind, feel it, know it and just make it happen … but you know, you are not living in a fairy tail – you have to find a way, because it is just this one life. 

S*… you know you should, it would be good for you and your relationship but somehow you are off ..

Your life changed, your body isn’t the same – you gave birth, month or even years ago and you simply can’t get back into the intimate, sensual connection with your body. The more you think and try the less it seems to work. How can this be the most beautiful thing in life if it is so difficult to enjoy and get into it? 


Wie funktioniert eine Zusammenarbeit?

No, it doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship or not. Working on your sensual freedom and enjoyment of your body always starts with you, what then leads the way to a more meaningful and better love life in your relationship or future relationships

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
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Inhalt umschalten

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